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Black-Eyed Peas & Collard Greens

1 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone!  I know I’ve been in and out over the holiday season, and I resolve to get back on top of writing regularly in 2012.  Not because I’m so narcissistic that I think I’ve been terribly missed, but because I miss writing here.  And well, yeah…maybe…hopefully…a few people out there actually check in regularly and enjoy my ramblings.

Party like it's 1951!

So, I’m kicking off the year with my favorite Southern New Year’s Day tradition – which also just happens to be totally Primal…  Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens!  If you don’t know the superstition, (and I assume that even if you’ve never eaten it, most people have at least heard of it) the black-eyed peas are for good luck, and the greens are for money.  And who couldn’t use a little more of both?  But old wives tales aside, this is just good ole’ yummy Southern comfort food at it’s best.

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Primal Picnic: Rosemary Garlic Chicken Salad & Almond Flour Crackers

8 Aug

Sunday night we went to an outdoor concert with a few friends.  I can’t think of many other ways I’d rather spend an evening – it’s hard to beat lounging in the grass with great people, a picnic, cheap wine, and really cheesy music.

Back corner of the lawn. Best seats in the house.

We fell in love with this little amphitheater last summer before we started eating Primal, and I didn’t want to spoil everyone else’s fun by playing the “food police.”  At the same time, I didn’t wanna polish off an entire bag of pita chips just in the interest of making things easy.  In the past I had made Italian sandwiches out of enormous bread loaves, we’d bought these amazing fried mashed potato ball things, had chips and dips and cookies and all kinds of other horrible junk food that we don’t eat now.

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Cajun “Dirty (Cauli) Rice”

3 Aug

Okay.  It’s confession time once again here at The Primal Sophisticate… I’m not proud, but I have to admit it.  I can’t make rice.  It sticks, it burns, it’s too wet, it’s too dry, take your pick.  Pre-primal I never made it very often – because apparently I’m bad at it, therefore, it was always bad.

My pots do NOT look like this after making rice.

So when I heard about making rice from a head of cauliflower, it wasn’t something that I jumped on because I was really jonesin’ for the substitution;  It was more like “Really?…Rice out of cauliflower?  This is have to see.”

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Tempted By The Mystery Muffin (Or, The Cinnamon Banana Date Cake Recipe)

28 Jul

I am the victim of attempted sabotage every day at my office.  Our generous employer provides a different tray of lovely baked treats each morning.  Now obviously I stopped taking advantage of these goodies after going Primal, but for two years this tray was a major contributor to weight gain, afternoon sugar crashes, and feelings of general crappiness.  Every day I’m confronted by the tray when I go to pour my morning coffee.  And every day I’m thankful for my newfound resistance to its siren song.

There are a couple of co-workers who love to tease me about the chocolate donut or cheese-covered everything bagel that I “can’t have.”  The thing is (and I’m never successful in convincing anyone of this) I really don’t miss that stuff because the way I’m eating now is so satisfying.  Usually.

A typical weekday morning.

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Summertime…And The Livin’ Is Primal

20 Jul

Don't get my hair wet - I just left the beauty parlor!

This past Sunday was one of those fantastic summer days that sometimes just pop up and take you by surprise – the kind that couldn’t be any better if you had planned it out in advance.  Especially after the unwelcome return of June Gloom-ish weather we’d had the previous week here in L.A.

Mid-morning we were invited to an impromptu pool party and cookout at a friend’s place.  So, with about an hour to spare before we needed to head over, I decided to throw together some quick almond flour hamburger “buns” to help introduce our friends to the Primal life.

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Green Beans with Bacon, Onion and Chopped Pecans

16 Jul

This is by far my favorite side dish right now.  It was entirely a case of “Well, I bought all these green beans at the Farmer’s Market, now what am I gonna do with them…?  I have bacon…I have pecans… Do bacon and pecans go together?…Let’s see!”  The answer is yes.  Yes, they do.  The sweetness of the pecans combined with the savory bacon and onion is really amazing.

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not green beans should actually be included in a Primal diet.  Some articles say no because they’re a legume, which means lectins, inflammation, etc.  I’ve read other articles claiming that the lectin content is so low that it isn’t a concern.  Regardless, Mark Sisson includes them in The Primal Blueprint, so that’s good enough for me!

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Beginnings, Bacon, and the Incredible Shrinking Bra

15 Jul

Most people look at you a little funny when you tell them you’re Paleo or Primal, even in L.A.  Especially when what started as a simple chat inadvertently becomes a half hour gush about all the benefits; Then you can actually see their eyes glaze over.  I’ve never tried selling Amway or inducting someone into a cult, but I would guess the look is similar.  Imagine explaining it to my family back in the cornbread, grits, and sweet tea lovin’ South…  At least we see eye to eye on the subject of bacon.