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Chocolate Covered Dates & Cherries

4 Dec
Eat, drink, and worry about the consequences tomorrow!

I’m happy to say I survived Thanksgiving and all its requisite gluttony. Not without a couple of cheats here and there, I’ll be honest. I know some people don’t agree with cheating at all. And I get it – it’s definitely easier to stick with any kind of lifestyle if you don’t have temptations lurking around to trip you up.

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Dark Chocolate Bacon Bites

1 Oct

October 1st.  Halloween season is upon us.  Which means I want candy.  I don’t have children, so you’d assume I could coast through these kid-oriented holidays with no problem.  But I happen to be part of a generation who drenches everything in a large dose of irony and 80’s childhood nostalgia, often acting like kids ourselves even though my friends and I are all in our 30’s now.  And so Halloween becomes a month long cavalcade of horror movie nights, jack-o-lantern carving contests, and haunted houses.  Thanksgiving and Christmas receive the same treatment;  Just trade out The Shining for Miracle on 34th Street, and pumpkin-carving for Christmas tree-decorating parties, and there ya go.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it.  The problem is the treats (or tricks, rather, for the Primal party-goer) that come along with the festivities.  I do just fine through the spring and summer, not really giving candy a second thought.  Almond flour baked goods and fruit desserts take care of any sweet cravings, and I roll on through August and into September with no problem.  But autumn means holidays, and holidays mean candy.

I’ve mentioned before that this will be my first Primal holiday season – which I see as a fun challenge rather than a sacrifice, since I’ve had no problem coming up with fabulous Primal substitutions for my favorite things thus far.  But when I saw the post for the Paleo Parents Halloween Recipe Round-Up, it got me thinking about what I really crave and miss this time of year.  If you guessed candy, great job!  I only mentioned it three times in the opening paragraph…

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The Call of Fall: Season of Temptation

1 Sep

Well, September is upon us.  I hate being one of those people who announce the turning of each and every season with a ridiculously shocked, “Can you believe it’s ______ already?!”  But, seriously people, can you believe it’s fall already?  I mean, I live in L.A., which means summer isn’t even close to done with us yet, but I’m not looking forward to the weather so much as the coming events.

I don't remember the majorettes looking that classy when I went there...

College football is starting, the sign for our local pumpkin patch has already gone up in anticipation of Halloween and Harvest Festivals and Thanksgiving, and all of these things are reminders that I better start pricing plane tickets home for Christmas soon.

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