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Not Ya Mama’s Green Bean Casserole

22 Nov

Nothing I say can make this funnier. Or more awkward.

Just a warning up front for all those who are dairy-free.  This recipe does contain dairy.  A lot of dairy.  More dairy than even I usually eat, and I totally love me some dairy.  This is definitely a special occasion, holiday, sometimes-food.  Or, a “better bad,” as we like to say.  It has cheese, sour cream, butter, and a bit of heavy cream to make the soup.  So if you don’t eat dairy, I can only offer my apologies because I have no substitutions to give.  If you want to try it with coconut milk, or coconut oil, or vegan cheese, or something like that, I’d love to hear how it turns out!  But I haven’t tried it myself, so I make no promises.  Moving on…

My all-time favorite Thanksgiving side dish in the whole wide world is Green Bean Casserole.  Not the recipe that most people know, with the little onion things on top and the gross mushroom soup.  I actually hate that kind.  No, I always looked forward to my mother making her special Green Bean Casserole, and it’s been my go-to dish for potlucks and holiday dinners for at least 10 years.  I can’t count how many people have asked me for the recipe.  And now…now I’m not supposed to have it anymore.  Needless to say, I’ve been pretty irritated by this, what with Thanksgiving being this week and all.

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Pumpkin Raisin Bread

9 Nov

Sometimes a day is just so long and crappy that the only thing that can fix it is baking.  Is that just me?  I suppose what I really mean is that the only thing that can fix it is cake, or cookies, or a brownie, or whatever your poison is – but being that I’m extremely picky about what ingredients I’m willing to eat, I can’t just pop into any little store and pick up a treat.  So, baking it is.

Just as effective as Prozac.

It finally decided to get chilly here in L.A. – at least in the evenings, which is a compromise I’m willing to accept.  Since it actually feels like autumn now, I wanted to try this Paleo Pumpkin Bread recipe from Elana’s Pantry.  It’s made with almond flour and sweetened with honey and stevia, which as you know, are a few of my favorite things.

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Grass-fed Ground Brisket Burgers

6 Nov

Well, thanks for clearing that up.

So after a very busy and stressed out couple of weeks, I’ve really been looking forward to this weekend.  With a little break before the next round of holidays (and holiday travel – eek!) I have a couple of free weekends to get some household projects rolling, play with some recipes, and of course, get back to writing here.  I had no idea what I was going to cook or write about this weekend, but come hell or high water, it was gonna happen.  I was thinking about this on the way home from work Friday night, when the question was answered for me.  I walked up to my front door to find the most beautiful surprise that any Primal girl could ask for.  A big box of meat.

I had completely forgotten that I had an assortment of grass-fed beef from Rocky Mountain Organic Meats coming to me, so this was like a little bit of Christmas come early.   I still had a tough decision to make though – which to try first?

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