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Warm Bacon Asparagus Salad with Roasted Garlic & Chicken

27 Sep

I try to keep my routine as simple as possible.  While I really do enjoy cooking, I have precious little free time outside of work and other commitments – and what I don’t enjoy is spending all of that free time in the kitchen.  Which can pose a problem when you take quick-fix convenience items like bread and pasta out of the mix.  Of course, the benefits of eating Primal obviously far outweigh the convenience of eating crappy processed food, so I have to find other ways to simplify.  I’ve already mentioned my penchant for leftovers, which makes life infinitely easier.  But the absolute best is finding a delicious, simple recipe that’s fairly quick to prepare and provides leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.  This one is a winner.

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Leftovers Are My BFF

20 Sep

If I had to choose one thing as the most important fact that I’ve learned about myself since going Primal, it would be that leftovers are my BFF.   (That’s Best Friend Forever, for those who did not happen to attend middle school with me.)  Seriously, there’s no way I could do this for the long haul if I didn’t cook like I’m serving a party of six every time I make a meal.  It usually doesn’t take much more time or effort to double a recipe, and you’ll thank yourself the next morning when you’re running late for work (again), and are throwing the day’s food together while searching for your keys, feeding the cats, running back upstairs to grab your phone, and trying to remember exactly where you parked the car yesterday.  What…?  Is that just me?  OK, well, if you happen to be more pulled together than I am, at least you can appreciate coming home from work to a delicious, healthy dinner that only has to be zapped in the microwave.

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The Ludus: Make Your Own Sandbag

17 Sep

Ever priced home gym equipment?  In a sporting goods store, online, wherever, it can get expensive.  That’s why we like to make our own gear.  Some of it wears out quickly (we’ve busted quite a few tires, duffel bags, and chains along the way) but the materials are so inexpensive that even if you have to make replacements now and then you can still save money.

During last week’s session we took a moment to show you how to make your own sandbag for your primal workouts – for less than $50.



For more information, visit The Ludus: Gladiator Conditioning.  And if you’re in L.A., come play with us sometime!  Our schedule is posted weekly.

Book Review: Sugar Nation

12 Sep

I just finished the scariest book I’ve read in a long time – and my husband writes horror, so that’s saying a lot. But this isn’t a ghost story or a psychological thriller. It’s a cautionary tale about a killer hiding among us; One so devious that he can slip in unnoticed, hiding in shadows while directing his cronies to kill on his behalf. Spoiler alert: The butler didn’t do it, it was diabetes. The book is Sugar Nation by Jeff O’Connell; Part memoir, part nutrition guide, and an entirely sobering wake up call.

Sweet n' scary.

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The Snickerdoodles Are Here!

6 Sep

I recently learned a very valuable lesson.  Do not tease people with the existence of a grain-free, low-sugar Snickerdoodle recipe, and then allow a week to pass without sharing said recipe.  It really was a cruel thing to do, and I apologize profusely for making you wait.

Before the big reveal, I feel somewhat compelled to repeat my usual disclaimer that, while these are definitely better for you than most cookies, they’re still cookies.  Enjoy responsibly.  Okay, just had to get that out of the way before anyone perusing the recipes assumed I was trying to put forth a Primal version of the Hollywood Cookie Diet.

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The Ludus: Gladiator Conditioning

5 Sep

I’m often asked what kind of workouts I do.  Actually, the first question I usually get is if I do Crossfit, which I don’t.  Only for the reason that I’m cheap, and I’m married to a mad man who likes to drag heavy stuff and hit tires with sledgehammers for fun.  But if that doesn’t happen to be your situation, then by all means, Crossfit is a great option to look into.

But back to our workouts.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess you could say this video is probably more like a thousand roars.  Or maybe it just feels that way because my legs still hurt.


For more info, check out The Ludus: Gladiator Conditioning.  And if you’re in L.A., come out and play with us sometime!

The Call of Fall: Season of Temptation

1 Sep

Well, September is upon us.  I hate being one of those people who announce the turning of each and every season with a ridiculously shocked, “Can you believe it’s ______ already?!”  But, seriously people, can you believe it’s fall already?  I mean, I live in L.A., which means summer isn’t even close to done with us yet, but I’m not looking forward to the weather so much as the coming events.

I don't remember the majorettes looking that classy when I went there...

College football is starting, the sign for our local pumpkin patch has already gone up in anticipation of Halloween and Harvest Festivals and Thanksgiving, and all of these things are reminders that I better start pricing plane tickets home for Christmas soon.

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